-English version- Leaving for the Philippines


Hi!! I’m Kota from Japan.
This talks about the day when I was supposed to leave for the Philippines.


It was not my first time using LCC(Low Cost Carrier) but I never expected that the flight was canceled.



If you are interested in using LCC, I want you to know that it might happen to you.


I wanna tell you the important thing which I learned from this experience


Certainly, LCC is useful but you have to know there are some drawbacks such as constant delay, cancellation, lack of service and so on.


Just in case something happens at airport, buying travel insurance would help you.

Because of this flight cancellation, I missed the flight from Manila to Davao.
However, the travel insurance covered the loss.


Not only I was nervous at that time, but also a school manager was worried about it.
This is because the manager had to pick me up at airport on time.




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