-English version- Is Manila dangerous?


Hello!! I’m KOTA.
How have you been?


I started this blog to show how effective studying English in the Philippines is.


However, this episode tells you that I almost got ripped off at Ninoy Aquino International Airport(NAIA).


You need to know that you have to be cautious in Manila.

Some of Japanese and Korean students who I met in the Philippines told me that they had similar experience as well.


First of All, you have to know the usual cost to take a taxi at NAIA.
If you take a yellow taxi, it’ll cost around 180 Pesos to go to Terminal3 from Terminal1.


As far as I know, meter is used in the taxi.
Second, I do not recommend you to take a white taxi because I felt that they tried to overcharge me.


The best way to get to T3 is to take a shuttle bus.
It costs only 20 Pesos though it leaves irregularly.



To be continued…



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